Your reliable partner in credit management
Your reliable partner in credit management
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Credit Services

Reliable data combined with intelligent analysis and credit management software

Our credit management solutions include solvency screening and the monitoring of counterparty default risks in credit decision process. They allow the identification of possible non-payment risks at an early stage.

We provide our clients with methods of assessing and categorizing financial risks and address non-payment risks and can develop portfolio management strategies on their behalf. Our range of services comprises standardized solutions – rating systems for corporate clients and retail customers – as well as the development of customized risk calculating methods (scoring systems and rating systems). We also assist our clients by sharing our know-how in the validation of risk calculating methods.

This range of services is complemented with our balance sheet research, the balance sheet data entry and the provision of default data and industry-specific data including their subsequent analyses.

For the purpose of delivering our services and the reports of our analyses, we use reliable and web-based interfaces that allow automated assessments, enabling and enhancing effective credit decision processes.

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