Your reliable partner in credit management
Your reliable partner in credit management

Balance Sheet Analyses

The detailed annual financial statements are structured and standardized to enable meaningful comparisons between different individual statements (and types of statement), the calculation and analysis of various financial ratios, cash flow analyses and assessments of overall financial strength. Our assessments also take into account industry-specific parameters.

The balance sheet ratings of Creditreform AG provide valid insights into the financial strength of the companies concerned.

All results are condensed into a comprehensive report that can be customized to match specific and individual requirements.

All steps of the analysis are database-driven, which ensures a decision process with a fairly high level of non-subjective, automated elements.

Get your customized analysis and select either our FinancialCheck that allows you to subject key financial (balance sheet) ratios to industry-specific and/or region-specific assessments or our WorkingCapitalCheck that provides equally customized business comparisons of working capital ratios.

Select the region and/or industry, and get a highly specific, customized analyses.