Your reliable partner in credit management
Your reliable partner in credit management

Industry-Specific Analyses

Our industry-specific analyses provide comprehensive overviews of all relevant data within certain sectors and segments of the economy. We dedicate specific attention to the assessment of growth and profit opportunities and to the detection of potential risks.

Each division of the target sector is analyzed in comparision to the overall economy.

  • Concise portrait of the industry
  • Industry-specific parameters
    • Performance indicators and financial ratios
    • Payment history
    • Annual financial statement and P&L ratios
    • Industry-specific benchmarks
  • Industry-specific structures and risks
    • Structural analysis
    • Risk analysis
  • Comparison with the overall economy based on selected performance indicators

Mean values that were established in the course of the analysis make it possible to assess individual companies on the basis of industry averages, allowing to establish at a glance whether or not the company in question is in a good business position and whether any potentials for further improvements exist.



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